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The animations available here are created for use in video editing.

That is: you download the animation, import to the editor, remove the green background and put over your video.

Download the animations and then reupload them on other channels for people to download it's not use, it's duplicate.
If the person insists on making my animations available in other channels, i will be forced to strike the channel.

I count on everyone's collaboration. Thank you!

1) How many of the animations are original GreenScreen Brasil creations?
All the animations that you find on the channel and on the website are original GreenScreen Brasil
creations and are not available anywhere else.

2) Which softwares do you use to create the animations?

Each animation is created using different techniques and it will depend on what I want to create.
But basically there are 4 softwares that I use: After Effects, Blender, Photoshop and Unity.

3) Where do i find the songs that you use in the videos from the channel?
All the songs used in the videos are from the YouTube music library and the name of
each one can be found in the videos description.
4) What do I need to do to be able to use the animations ?
The only things you need to do are: be subscribed to the channel, leave a like in the videos
and give the proper credits whenever you use any of the animations.
5) What is the correct way to assign credits?
The correct way would the person put something like this in the video description:
Credits of the green screen animations: GreenScreen Brasil
6) How do I download the videos available on the channel?
Only channel supporters on Patreon have access to direct download links:
If you don't want to help the channel by becoming a supporter, you can download the video
using a software or website that download Youtube videos.
7) Can I use the animations in my videos for Facebook, Youtube, etc?
Yes. You can use any of the animations in your videos.
Even in monetized ones.
8) Can I use the animations in advertisements, games, tv shows and short films?
In this case the use is authorized only for independent and unlicensed short films.
For all other cases (advertisements and licensed works) the use is not authorized and you
should get in touch for an additional license.
9) Can I re-upload the animations on my app, blog, channel, website, etc?
Unfortunately not. The re-upload of the animations on other Youtube channels or any other type
of media, as well as the implementation of the animations in apps, is not authorized.
10) What happens if the person re-upload or try rent/sell the animations ?
The channel will be subject to strikes without notice. And the person will be subject to lawsuits.
Especially if the material was used for commercial purposes outside of Youtube.​

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