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Welcome to Brazil's largest green screen animation center.
Here you find hundreds of original animations and tutorials created by me with the purpose
of help people edit their videos.
But what are green screen animations?
Green Screen animations (also known as Chroma Key) are created with the purpose of being used
as base material for video editing. The person download the video with the animation they want to use,
remove the green background and incorporates the animation into the video.

With them you save time by not having to create the animations yourself 
and makes your videos look more professional.

You download the animation
that you want to use
Then, during editing, you remove
the green background
Incorporating the animation
into your video
It is a very simple technique, much used and most of the video editors have it.
Even on cellphones you will find applications that do this.
If you still do not know the technique, get to know and enjoy the
hundreds of original animations that you find here.
And don't   forget to subscribe to the channel!
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